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A flash of lightning is the warning of an approaching storm... But for Mackenzie Aldkin, the lightning can also signal something far more sinister.

Set along the picturesque coastline of South Florida, Whispered Voices, the first installment of the Storm Voices series, follows Mackenzie "Mac" Aldkin as she survives a near-fatal encounter with a lightning strike. Left with a feathered scar encircling her ankle and haunted by unfamiliar voices in her head, Mac seeks answers from her wise and enigmatic nurse, Moira. As Moira shares tales of fairies and their mysterious powers, she gifts Mac with Shaylee, a mystical kitten who may help her understand her newfound abilities.

But Mac's life takes a dark turn when a killer's voice invades her thoughts, and her boyfriend, Peter, is accused of murder. Determined to prove Peter's innocence and prevent another deadly act, Mac, Moira, and Peter form an unlikely alliance to unmask the true culprit. As they navigate the sun-soaked streets and shadowy corners of South Florida, the trio set a risky trap to catch the killer. Mac soon finds herself questioning who she can trust and whether she'll become the next victim in a deadly game.

Whispered Voices is a captivating cozy paranormal mystery set in the lush, tropical landscape of South Florida, where the boundaries between the supernatural and the ordinary blur, and where the whispers of the storm may be the only thing standing between Mac and the darkness that threatens to consume her world.

PLEASE NOTE: This audiobook was created with an AI (artificial intelligence) voice. Sample available before purchase. Thank you!

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