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A Purrfect Life!

By David Behan
Summary of the Book

A Purrfect Life!

Part 1- Thank you, Granddad

(8 chapters – pages 62 - 11284 words approx.)

Courtney has to try hard to keep her secret, which is, she can talk to cats. But there is trouble ahead, when her new found friend Phoenix, moves in to the house opposite. Then Courtney’s life, is turned upside down, because she has lost the ‘Red Jewel’. Thankfully, Granddad comes to the rescue.

Part 2 – Sadness and Joy

(10 chapters – pages 78 - 14019 words approx.)

Filia, Courtney’s cat, and Brunus, he belongs to Phoenix, are having kittens. But a pack of stray dogs, threatens all the cats, both domestic and feral. During a massive fight, between the cats and the stray dogs, Brunus goes missing, but he eventually returns home, to Filia and their kitten Latisha. Courtney and her friends, took a number of injured feral cats, for treatment at the Vet’s Surgery. For this, Courtney was given, the secret phrase, which would allow her access, to the Colony’s secret Chamber.

Part 3- The Heroine

(10 chapters – pages 94 - 17084 words, approx.)

Working at the Vet’s Surgery, had brought her in to contact with an unhappy Caracal, called Silvestra. She was owned by a horrid man, called Deterr Van-Hindt. Courtney wanted to free the cat, but also wanted to return her to Africa. During a visit to a Safari Park, there was yet another, very daring rescue by Courtney. This time, it was that of a little girl. This lead to the fantastic, opportunity of a lifetime, thanks to the rescued little girl’s very rich father. TV and Newspaper fame followed, as did that journey to Africa, where Silvestra’s life has a happing ending.

28 chapters
236 pages
42387 words approx.

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