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RVing 101 - A First Look At "How To RV"

By RV Stuff - Ron Jones
Living in an RV is living in a moveable house/apartment. You can drive it—like a motorhome—or you can tow—like a fifth wheel or travel trailer. Regardless, you will move it to some location, move it back, or keep moving on.

New RVers don’t realize what there is to learn just to function normally in an RV. We joke that no matter how long you lived in a house or apartment, you never had to crank down the TV antenna and unhook the sewer hose just to drive away. So, much of that “house experience” won’t help you with some of the basic, necessary operations in an RV. You have to learn new and different operations to function normally in your RV, to keep you from breaking something, and to save you the time and costs to fix it. The good news is there are “things” and techniques to help you learn how to do this efficiently, correctly, safely, and avoid extra costs.

Unfortunately, many individuals put out incorrect information about RVs and their operation. From your friend down the street to RV sales reps to (occasionally) the person in the next campsite, you will often be told, “Here’s how you do that” or “Here’s what I do” or “Try this.”

Sales reps may never have been actual RVers. We were told by one large dealership they hire sales reps based on their sales expertise, not their RV experience. One dealership actually bought copies of my first RV book, “All the Stuff You Need to Know About RVing,” and gave them to new sales reps to help them learn the correct method of handling/operating the RV systems. Friends and neighbors, while well meaning, simply may not know the correct or best method of doing something in an RV. After all, who taught them?

In this topic, we offer the correct method to complete several basic RV operations. We don’t care what your friends or the sales rep told you.

This will help. Learn something.

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