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How to get to know the REAL positions of your planets? #RTRRT

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How to get to know the REAL positions of your planets? #RTRRT

a)Normally an “astrologer” would never use an astronomic program since modern astrology must differ from the real skies by 270 or at least 90 degrees in order to appear credible to general public as begging to be deceived day by day, alright.
b)How to get to know the REAL positions of your (natal) planets? Yes, even with that awkward pseudo-programs of yours in which you used to believe so much?
c)Yes, hate it as you might, but NASA is in fact lurking at you from every bogus (but colorful as any lie) program you might peruse (that might peruse you) along your wretched quest for binary solutions: am I sidereal, tropical or true?
d)Most "modern” programs came as derivate of an old Placalc Astrolog experiment.
e)Astrolog has a DOS switch - a planetarium-like feature delving deep enough into NASA integrator at the base of every program which enables graphical view of planetary positions e.g. the Academic Zodiac was born with Moon in Sextans.
f)Bogus programs are namely of course NASA-based before all planetary positions get mangled for profit. They alas mangle even telescopes for profit nowadays.
g)How did them astrologers in the past calculate planetary positions? First: there were no astrologers – mostly – except for e.g. Egypt and China - second: they were astronomers and seers like Prahlada Maharaj: who traveled planets rather than merely observing them. The Chinese predictions were so accurate that even Kalki compliments them in all.
h)Thus even with Nechepso and Petosiris under our most closely severe inspection, whatever remains of recorded data of pertinent neigh incomparably relevant precision is but Chinese (even much before Shao Yung); while e.g. that Enoch was reportedly unqualified in all.
i)Hipparchus, Ptolemy, Hypatia or dabbling amateurs like Newton, Nostradamus or even that Kepler receive no mention while that French Lully never learned from Morinus: on the other hand Robson apparently learned how to work with error.
j)Appleby “emerged a worried astrologer”: true is that all of them never had – not being offered - any clue; apart from some meager - mostly dabbling – literary talent.
k)As concern Australia, which shares astrological nullity with the rest of the Commonwealth, its problems should encompass a different sky from that on the northern hemisphere entirely; instead since the UK never had any astrology proper at all, Aussie whacked geniuses follow suit: one especially talented nincompoop determined in his own Aussie madness that “USA is Polar Star ascendant” and Aussies #QuarterSky clapped hands in joy along, far from Serpens Cauda dire.
l)Of contemporary talents we would set apart (Saturn Pleiades 1588) Dr. John Dee, who was baffled as deceived by NE90SO nevertheless; that he called “angels”.
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