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Childbirth Outside Of The Hospital Setting

Who Is This Workshop For?

If you are interested in birthing at home, freebirthing or an unassisted birth, this course will empower you with knowledge and information to prepare a safe birth environment. Learn from an Intensive Care Paramedic when to recognise an emergency situation for mother or baby, and know when and how to get the help you might need. Plus tips from a Doula and Child Birth Educator on how to use different comfort measures and active birth positions to encourage a shorter and more mindful gentle birth.

What Is Included?

This course includes 4 Hours of Original Video Instruction from Intensive Care Paramedic and Registered Nurse Russ Craven and Child Birth Educator Doula and Prenatal Yoga Instructor Mel Craven. Plus a Resource Package full of extra evidence based information, research articles, diagrams, videos and bonus material to create the birth environment that will suit your unique and individual circumstances.

This Course includes a one-to-one follow up zoom call with each participant to discuss your questions and concerns.

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COHS Video and Resource Package plus a One-to-One Zoom Call with Russ Craven


Course curriculum

  • 1
    Childbirth Outside of The Hospital Setting
    • Meet Your Instructors and Watch Course Video
    • Workshop Content
    • Preparation & Birth Planning
    • The Safe Birth Environment
    • Understanding The Process of Childbirth
    • The Stages of Labour
    • Signs Of Labour
    • Normal Vaginal Birth - Physiologic Birth
    • Post Birth Changes To Mother and Baby
    • Active Birth Positions Free Preview
    • Care Of The Birthing Mother
    • The Benefits of Heat and Water Birth
    • Slow Breathing and Relaxation
    • Dance That Baby Down
    • Touch, Massage and Snacks for Labor
    • Visualization and Skin to Skin
    • Care Of The Newborn Baby
    • Revision of Newborn Basic Life Support (BLS/CPR)
    • Emergency Interventions
    • Post Birthing Care Of Mother & Baby
    • Bibliography & Resources