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Dial "L" for Lesbian and "P" for Pain Volume 2

I went home and took a long hot bath and prepared myself for her. I wanted my body to be perfect when I undressed this evening. It was as if I was preparing myself for a sacrifice to a goddess. And in a way, I was. 

When I had determined that I was more than presentable to her, I left my home, got into my car and proceeded on my way over to her house. I was a few minutes early. I looked at my watch and it was 6:57 p.m. 

I had noticed when I drove up that all the curtains were closed and all the lights were off. It appeared to me that no one was home. After parking my car in her driveway, I got out and walked towards her door. I noticed a paper taped to the door and as I got closer, I noticed large bold letters that read, “COME IN. THE DOOR IS OPEN.” 

I checked my watch. It was now 6:59. I waited until it was exactly 7:00 and then I opened the door nervously and walked inside. It was completely dark inside. After walking inside more, I noticed a glow from a room near the hallway. Assuming that she was in there, I proceeded to walk towards the lit room. My high heels were clacking loudly on the hardwood floor. It was an eerie sound, since the house was in complete silence. The scenario was akin to the opening in a horror movie. My heart was racing. 

The lit room turned out to be the kitchen where Victoria sat waiting for me. She was wearing her black lace corset, black lace panties, garters, stockings and six inch black stiletto heels. I was taken in by her beauty and sexuality. I was mesmerized by her appearance that I didn't notice at first what was on the kitchen table. 
There, on the kitchen table, was the biggest collection of straps, canes, paddles, whips, hairbrushes and even wooden spoons laid out, that I had ever seen before. I stared at the table wondering why all those devices were there. 

I was soon distracted from them as Victoria stood up from her chair. Her stocking covered legs went on forever, her large round full breasts were perched on top of her corset, her lips were as red as her hair, which was flowing over her shoulders. I noticed her nails were painted to match the color of dark red on her lips. She looked inviting and intimidating at the same time. 

With her usual confidence, she walked towards me and started to strip my clothes off. I had surprised my goddess and underneath my coat, I was only wearing pink lace panties and a pink lace bra with matching garters and stockings. The panties and bra had little pink bows on them. I wanted to be her good little girl. To add to the little girl image, I was wearing pink high heeled Mary Jane shoes. 

Then, for the first time that day, I heard her voice. 

“You’re not getting out of anything this evening, just because you are dressed so cute and innocent, my little girl” She said in her stern voice.

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