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Relinquished (Red Chronicles #2) - Audiobook

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I was trying to avoid any werewolves in my life, and now I have to live with one?

I want to worry about human things like how to dress for the first day of a new job or how to sneak a silver dagger past the metal detectors when I get there. But when you’re working in a company run by vampires, human concerns become trivial. What’s not is figuring out why my undead bosses are trapping and killing werewolves. But that might not be the only secret hiding in the walls of the WWL Corporation, and what I soon discover could turn the supernatural world on its head (and land me on my back). And to cap it all off, somehow Tobias Somfield, the English werewolf I rescued from moon madness last summer, is now my roommate. All he does is brood and mope and wind up my worst instincts, constantly reminding me of how very un-human I really am. Tolerating him is darn near impossible, and the growing pull I feel toward him? Completely insane.
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