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Rebellion: A River Wolfe Story

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River Wolfe #1.5

Rebellion follows werewolf Daryl Marsden as he rediscovers River, the wolf he changed into a human girl three years ago.

Haunted by past mistakes and the need to right them now, Daryl struggles hide the truth behind the night he changed the white wolf and to pass along the rules and history given to him by his father: assimilate with humans, hide what you truly are. But River defies his plans, instead awakening the wolf in him, leaving Daryl with the choice of following the path he's been forced on or giving in to his true nature.


This novella is not standalone. It's a companion piece to River, which you can find on Payhip right here: Use the coupon code rebellion to save 25% on River.

You will get the following files:
  • EPUB (328KB)
  • MOBI (504KB)
  • PDF (625KB)



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