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MC 19 Evergreen & Old City & Great Map in Blm Township

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We have combined three publications into one for our digital version.  This is a large download (abt 500 mb) that contains our Evergreen Memorial Cemetery, two volumes of Old City Cemetery, and a wonderful map that is courtesy of the Cemetery.

To look for your relatives, you will have two scan two volumes that are in alphabetical order.

The cemetery is still active and has a wonderful website with a grave lookup that is great.  The grave lookup online is current and up to date.  While these publications are dated (City Cemetery information dates from 1983 and the Evergreen volume was published in 2001), the digital volume gives you a ton of information in convenient package.

This publication with over 500 pages of information as of 2001.

Please check out the preview for samples of how the book is laid out.
You will get a PDF (511MB) file

MC 8 Dry Grove Twsp - Barnard, Christian Church, East/West Twin Grove, Lantz, McCollough, Wilson


MC 2-1 Oak Grove Cemetery Vol 1 - A Thru Mc


MC 18 Anchor Twp and Cheney Grove Cemetery


MC 14 Part I St. Mary's - A Thru Ha


MC 13 Vol 1 and 2 - Old City Cemetery in Blm Township


MC 21 Hudson Cemetery - Hudson Township


MC 11-1 Danvers Twsp - Park Lawn Cemetery


MC 2-2 Empire Twsp. Oak Grove Cemetery M Thru Z


MC 11-2 Danvers Twsp Hinshaw, Imoff, Maurer, Mitchell, N Danvers Mennonite, Stouts Grove


MC 22 Eastlawn Memorial Gardens Cemetery