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MC 13 Vol 1 and 2 - Old City Cemetery in Blm Township


MS 1 Soldiers of the Revolutionary War and War of 1812 Buried in McLean County


MSC 1 McLean County Voters Who Petitioned for Sale of School Lands and Purchasers of The Lots 1831-1875


MI 1 An Index to The Good Old Times in McLean County, Illinois


Nat 1-7 Naturalization Abstracts Volomes 1 thru 7


Nat-7 Naturalization Abstracts T - Z


Nat-6 Naturalization Abstracts "S"


Nat-5 Naturalization Abstracts N - R


Nat-4 Naturalization Abstracts L - M


NAT-3 Naturalization Abstracts H - K


NAT-2 Naturalization Abstract D - G


NAT-1 Naturalization Abstracts A-C


MC 20 Park Hill Cemetery


MOF 4 Old Family Records Number 4


MO 2 Central Illinois Obituary Abstracts 1871 - 1880


The McLean County Genealogical Society

Since 1966, The McLean County Genealogical Society has provided assistance to thousands of folks interested in McLean County and the surrounding area.

We maintain a full service genealogical library in the McLean County Museum of History (200 N. Main St., Bloomington). Our library offers books and publications for research, computers affiliated with FamilySearch and Ancestry Library Edition, and usually a volunteer to assist you with your research.

Please check the History Museum website for available hours: