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Messages To Inspire You Every Day

I'm as passionate as it gets about eating well but over the years I've learned that the thoughts we think have an even greater impact on our health than the food we eat. In fact, the thoughts we think affect not "just" our health, but everything in our lives. 

That's why an essential part of my morning routine is feeding my mind with powerful messages. And now for the first time, I bring you 180 of my go-to inspirational quotes for getting into my highest-vibe headspace. 

The power of quotes like this is two-fold:

1. They encourage you to see things in more positive, helpful ways and therefore to make better decisions and take better actions.

2. And they subtly shift your energetic state to a more positive one. Feed your mind positive messages every day and you'll spend more and more time in positive energetic states – those that make you feel wonderful and that attract to you the most wonderful people and experiences. Ever noticed how easy it is to be stuck in repetitive thoughts that do just the opposite? That's why we must take charge of our mindset each day. 

Don't think of this as a "book" but as a tool for changing your energetic state and thereby your life! 

I've designed it with one quote per page, so you can really absorb the power in these life-changing messages. 

How to use Messages To Inspire You Every Day 

Open it – ideally on your tablet or computer (though it will work on your phone too) – and flip through the quotes, reading and absorbing each one before moving on to the next. It should be possible to get through the whole thing in 10 minutes. Do this every morning. I included the chapter on sensitives as most of my readers are sensitives. That section (or any other) doesn't apply to you? Feel free to skip it? Sections 1-3 and 5-7 apply to us all!


1. Manifestation + the fact your thoughts create your reality

2. On finding your purpose + following your dreams

3. The importance of being unapologetically YOU!

4. Quotes to inspire sensitives, empaths + lightworkers

5. On love, kindness + making the whole world better

6. On self-love, self-care, self-kindness + boundaries

7. Goodbye perfectionism + procrastination

8. Quotes to heal your heart + uplift you when you're down

Refund policy: As is standard industry practice for downloadable products, we are unable to offer refunds. However, the guarantee we can make is that if you start living by just one of the powerful messages in this book that you weren't living by before, the benefits to you will so far exceed the $7 you paid for it that it's ridiculous! 

Disclaimer: May contribute to a dramatic upward shift in your energetic state – one that makes you feel uncharacteristically high-vibe, and that attracts high-vibe people and experiences to you. 

Ebook: 197 pages

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