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Yin Yoga

Introduction To Yin Yoga

A 4 week practical program with video classes (recorded live on zoom) to introduce you to the deeply nurturing Philosophy and Practice of Yin Yoga

Especially Designed For Beginners or Anyone New To Yin Yoga

Going along to a Yin Yoga Class for the first time can be daunting. You might wonder why the poses are held for so much longer than a regular yoga class. What is all this deep breathing and letting go about? What is the fascia? Why am I lying still and how can I stop my mind from racing? How far do I stretch my body and how can I modify the poses to suit my unique body shape and flexibility. All these questions and more are answered by Yin Yoga Teacher Mel Craven. You will feel informed and supported, nurtured and nourished, and empowered to continue your own private practice over this 4 week Introduction to Yin Yoga Course.

Come As You Are Comfortable In Your Own Home

The beauty of this 4 week program is that you can practice at home, in your Pjs with your pillow if you want to. No fancy equipment needed. You can take 4 weeks or 4 months to complete this Introduction to Yin Yoga Course, and in fact you will have access to all the videos and resources for as long as you like. A weekly practice will bring more calm, flexibility, joy and a sense of being more whole and connected in to your life.

$55 for a complete 4 week program (plus extra bonus chakra series classes)

Life Time Access. Join Now for $22.50 with coupon code LOVEYOGA


Course curriculum

  • 1
    Introduction to Yin Yoga
    • The Foundations of Yin Yoga
    • Week One - What is Yin Yoga Free Preview
    • Week One Asanas - Ankle Pose, Child Pose, Caterpillar and Butterfly
    • What is fascia?
    • What is Qi?
    • Tensegrity and how it relates to Yin Yoga
    • Week Two Asanas - Toe Squat, Half Buttefly, Bananasana, Bridge, Happy Baby
    • The Physical Benefits of Yin Yoga
    • The Three Principles of Yin Yoga
    • Week Three Asanas - Squat, Dangling, Sphinx and Seal, Book Twist.
    • Bonus Chakra Yin Yoga Classes
    • Week Four Asanas - Deer, The Hug, Pigeon, Sleeping Swan, Eye of The Needle
    • The Psoas Muscle
    • Ahimsa and the Eight Limbs of Yoga
    • Extra Yin Yoga Classes For You Recorded Live on Zoom