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All Roads Lead to Christmas: Paranormal Rom Com ebook

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Can a handsome Christmas knight help a lonely engineer spruce things up?

Isabella knew Bralazin was too good to be true, but to find out that he was a knight from another world, a lord, and her brother's friend? That was almost as bad as learning that the magical world didn't have Christmas.

At least Bralazin could help her organize an epic Christmas party and get gifts for every child in their kingdom. Easy. They could do it. Even if Bralazin kept questioning why they needed Christmas in the first place.

Would've been great if there were roads they could use to deliver gifts, but Isabella wasn't a road engineer for nothing. She could build the roads. Or have elves in neon green pants do it for her while singing Christmas songs.

Bralazin, on the other hand, was something she'd have to handle herself. He could say what he wanted about not wishing to upset her brother, but it wouldn't help him. Isabella set her eyes on him, and he was going down.
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