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All Roads Lead to Christmas: Paranormal Rom Com ebook


How to Steal a Kingdom: Paranormal Rom Com ebook


Love, Napalm & Homicidal Fairies: Paranormal rom com ebook


In a World Without Coffee: paranormal romantic comedy ebook


About Me

My life is a crossbreed of a disaster documentary and a thriller. I moved a lot and often until I finally settled in my sixth country. Things eventually calmed down… sort of. Come on, I can’t have a peaceful life. I have to, at least, get a fixer-upper from hell with neighbors that keep things interesting. If I go a whole month without my foot going through the floor or an old, intoxicated lady asking me if I want a dead cat in a box (there was no dead cat. She hallucinated it), then it won’t be my life.

I could probably write a memoir, but who would believe this nonsense?