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How to Steal a Kingdom: Paranormal Rom Com ebook

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Every sorceress needs a sniper to miss her.

Malisana has her work cut out for her. Raise two kids on her own. Have her house burned by crazed elves. Escape a swarm of ravenous fairies.

Getting saved by otherworlders finally gives Malisana the break she needed. Being a refugee isn’t that bad when she can get enough food and have the castle walls to protect her from the fairies. Even better, a handsome otherworlder invites her to go to his world.

Ron, the charming Police Officer and a former Marine Scout Sniper from a parallel dimension, will give Malisana and her kids anything. A new house. A puppy. A kitten. Most importantly, ice cream and bacon.

As life finally settles, reality comes knocking. Otherworlders have enemies, and those enemies want their castle back.
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