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Love, Napalm & Homicidal Fairies: Paranormal rom com ebook

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Nice sorceresses don't zap police officers.

Traveling between worlds always fills Nasilain with dread, but finding new scientific knowledge is worth it. Except when she gets caught by a beefy police officer who wants to know everything. Who is she? Where did she come from? Why does she need a rocket launcher?

Then Officer Seth Beefcake breaks her amulet, and they both teleport back to Nasilain’s world. He has even more questions now. Why is she brainwashing elves? Do her wolves bite? What are those evil-looking things flying at them?

When fairies attack, Seth is eager to put his former Navy SEAL skills to work and help Nasilain. Although he insists she shouldn’t turn fairies into zombies. At least he has flamethrowers.

Love, Napalm & Homicidal fairies is a paranormal romantic comedy featuring a quirky, nerdy sorceress and a former Navy SEAL who became a police officer before finding his way into a parallel universe. A good laugh and a happy ever after are guaranteed.

Content warning: This book DOES NOT contain zombie fairies. Everything else is fair game, though.
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