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This model is compatible with the new VRChat dynamic bones system.

Due to certain circumstances, the tattoo texture visible in the showcase and in in-game images has been replaced to a different one. Please refer to the first 3 images (unity screenshots) as the current tattoo texture for the model. Thank you!

Before buying the avatar please bear in mind that she is very perfomace heavy, but she is worth it! <3

No TDA assets

Unity 2019.4.31f1 Model 💜

3.0 Avatar 💜

FBT Ready 💜


No uploads 💜

Good for dancing, I guess hehe 💜

  • Toggles: Bodysuit, Top, Pasties,Panties, Ears, Tail swap (short/long), Harness, Mask, Sock, Boots, Arm Warmers.
  • Colors: 5 hair material color swap (black and white, red, blue/pink, white, black) + Hue Shift for everything;
  • Toys: VRLabs Marker, Hand Particles, Knives;
  • Dynamic Bones, Colliders & Jiggles everywhere as expected;
  • 6 Custom Face Emotes;
  • Write defaults OFF!
  • Locomotion Fix V5.


Base: Pandaabear#9873 (a bit edited, forbidden for re-use); 
Head, face texture: kri#1214 (edited by me, you can't use this edit); 
Hair: Luuy#0978 (front,bangs);  // Google#9749 (long) (merged by me); 
Choker: Alces#5127
Wolf Ears, arm warmers:  м.#7777;
Top: Just Lettuce#5555
Ripped sockRelaxi#2535;
Panties: Maible#8888
Boots: ничто#6666
Mask: Eliza#1337
Tails: Love#1624 (Long tail - nitro); // Google#9749 (Short one - nitro); 
Rings: made by me (bluntly#0950);
Tongue: Daeris#8777
Elf ears: B o o#8584
Fishnet bodysuit: Kiri#3633
Face piercings: ђ๏ɭɭy#4868
Harness set: Zeit#9150
Body textures: Uni#1369 (base texture and tattoo texture (tattoo texture was slighty edited))
Eye Textures: Sohvi#9443;
Hand particles: RaivoVFX
Knives: Rin Uchiha#0910 (nitro);
Nails: Renipuff#3700;
Menu icon textures: awmi#6003
Locomotion fix V5: WetCat#6969 Gireison#0001, Alc#0002, Dj Lukis.LT#4639; 
Marker system: VRLabs


NO Refunds! As I mean no refunds, I mean NO refunds. You're purchasing a digital product, that you download to your computer. Unless it is 100% MY FAULT and I am unable to fix it. I am also not responsible if VRChat updates breaks the model. There is no refund.

Please do not buy this model if you have no unity knowledge!

Don't claim the avatar as your own!

Do NOT share/leak/rip this avatar, only upload to your own account! No public uploads, no uploading to other accounts/public worlds!

Don't share parts with others.

You CAN'T reuse anything from this model (textures, fbx files, assets)!

Don't buy avatars for assets. (All parts must be purchased and used directly from the original creators)!

If you're going to give someone an avatar as a gift, please contact me!

YOU CAN do small edits, add things, color change, head swap;

By buying you will get a personal, private license of this avatar.

If there's a credit that I have missed, please tell me! ^^

Importing instructions:
You will need to import these unity assets before importing the model:
  1. VRC SDK3 (included);
  2. PoiyomiToon7.3.050 (included);
  3. Arktoon shader (included);
  4. Model package.
If there's a problem with your avatar, please send me a DM (bluntly#0950) or join my server! <3
You will get a ZIP (368MB) file

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