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101 Strategies For Eating Well Amid Inflation E-Book

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The Pullmanns feed six kids, two parents, and a bevy of friends each week while spending around half of what the government would give them in food stamps. They do this while eating local and organic meat, dairy, and veggies, breads made from high-nutrition flours, and homegrown food, as well as groceries from major chains.

This 70-page, 16,000-word ebook details Joy's strategies for eating well and serving others without crowding out other financial and life priorities with high spending. It's part of a larger financial strategy for resisting the forces of serfdom to take control of one's own resources for the good of those you love.

Joy also analyzes the major government, market, and cultural risks that threaten our financial, legal, and spiritual independence and gives her take on where this all is headed. The book also includes a large appendix with recommended books for developing skills in home management, low-cost and delicious cooking, gardening, personal finances, and food preserving.
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