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The Global Explorers Club: Africa

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Are you ready to explore Africa together?

First, a short introductory unit will introduce your students to the continent of Africa and its many countries. Then, you’ll begin your adventure in Ghana where you’ll meet Anansi, one of the most popular animal tricksters from West Africa. You’ll begin to study the African rain forest, learn about Adinkra printmaking and Kente cloth, create Akan “brass” goldweights, make jollof rice, and learn how to play Ampe, Oware, and Pombo.

Next, you’ll head to Mali where you’ll read about Mansa Musa, a famous king from Mali who was known for his wealth, generosity, and influence during the 14th century. You’ll explore bògòlanfini, learn more about jelis, or griots, while learning to sing several traditional Malian songs, play Awalé, and more.

In Nigeria, you’ll continue your study of the African rain forest, learn about the ancient Kingdom of Benin, make decorated cloth in the manner of adire eleko, prepare plantain chips and hausa masa, and learn how to play Ayo, Dara, and Igba-ita. You’ll also meet the author Atinuke, a famous Nigerian author who has written several book series for children, including Anna Hibiscus, The No. 1 Car Spotter, and Too Small Tola.

And that’s just to start! With a total of 16 unit studies, your family will have all the support and resources you need to explore Africa. Grab your passports and join the Global Explorers Club today to begin unlocking the wonders of Africa. Together, you’ll learn about different peoples and their cultures and share engaging stories and folk tales from around the world. You’ll meet artists and musicians, sample global cuisine, create art, and play games together.


  • 16 comprehensive unit studies with a flexible online curriculum database that will provide all the support and resources you need to explore Africa together
  • A unit planner for every country included in the Global Explorers: Africa program
  • An explorer's journal for students
  • Montessori 3-part map cards for Africa
  • African proverbs copywork and tracework sheets for handwriting practice
  • Sentence strategy worksheets based on Judith Hochman's The Writing Revolution method for each country and Circle Round folk tale
  • Book discussion guides for The Adventures of Spider: West African Folktales by Joyce Cooper Arkhurst, Mansa Musa and the Empire of Mali by P. James Oliver, and A Leaf for Bongani by Claire Ishi Ayetoro
  • "Making Words" activity sheets to practice spelling
  • A Global Explorers cookbook template, plus blank recipe and shopping list cards
  • Suggested math games and activities for every included country, including printable game templates
  • Montessori-inspired "Infinity Street" place value task cards for country populations
  • A virtues coloring poster
  • Biomes Around the World food pyramid templates
  • Global Explorers Club boarding passes and reading tickets
  • Country-specific elapsed time task cards
  • Map drill sheets
  • Global Connections discussion questions to prompt independent student research
  • Vocabulary journal sheets
  • Africa stationary paper
  • Compass rose templates
  • Suggested supplemental science lessons and learning extensions for each unit

Plus, when you purchase a curriculum unit, you’ll be able to use the Global Explorers Club’s Notion database, a flexible, all-in-one online workspace that allows you to easily keep track of each unit study and make changes as needed. You can easily customize each unit to your needs!


  • A prep list for each unit lists what materials are recommended.
  • Each country-specific book list allows you to easily keep track of which books are available to you. Together, you can rate each book you've read and add additional notes if desired.
  • A task list provides a general overview of the suggested lessons and activities for each country.
  • The course schedule contains comprehensive lesson plans for all the suggested activities included in the Africa program. Once you assign dates, you can view the lessons in a calendar and drag-and-drop to move them around as needed.
  • Plus, you can easily keep track of learning extensions and web bookmarks related to each country. It's easy to add new ones, too!

You'll also receive exclusive access to the Global Explorers Club Resource Library where new educational materials are added each month. Members will be able to access these resources for free, forever.

You can learn more about the Global Explorers program here.

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Want to know how to organize all the materials? Read How to Prep the Global Explorers Club: Africa Curriculum Unit.

Plus, you can preview the Global Explorers Club's Notion database and see how easy it is to stay organized for every unit study!

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