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Speak To Me (Ebook)

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What if the voices in your head were real?

Dorothy isn’t having a very good day. She’s just been fired and she suddenly has an invisible friend following her home. Worse still, her invisible friend brings more friends. Suddenly, the house she thought she lived in alone seems to be filled with invisible people.

When Dorothy’s attempts to find a new job fail, the spirits convince her to offer her services as a clairvoyant. With the help of her new spirit friends, Dorothy will be able to pay her mortgage while helping her grieving clients communicate with their dearly departed.

When her ability to communicate with the spirits disappears in the middle of a major speaking tour, Dorothy’s only option is to fake it and hope her ability will be restored.

Can she bluff her way through the tour long enough to restore contact with her spirit friends? Or will the world discover she’s just another fake?

A standalone contemporary fantasy title about a middle aged woman in a midlife crisis. For the believers, the would-be believers, and the ordinary woman who wishes her life was just a little bit more exciting.

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