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Keeper of the Bad Thing (Ebook)


Princess of Babylon - Palace of the Ornaments #1 (Ebook)


Ornament of Pharaoh - Palace of the Ornaments #2 (Ebook)


Child of the Alliance - Palace of the Ornaments #3 (Ebook)


A Game of Senet - Palace of the Ornaments #4 (Ebook)


Secrets of Pharaoh - Palace of the Ornaments #5 (Ebook)


Hawk of the West - Palace of the Ornaments #6 (Ebook)


Series Starters: Volume III (Ebook)


The Amarna Age: The Complete Series (Ebook)


The Mega Ancient Egypt Collection (Ebook)


Series Starters: Vol II (Ebook)


Outcast - The Amarna Princesses #1 (Ebook)


Catalyst - The Amarna Princesses #2 (Ebook)


Warrior - The Amarna Princesses #3 (Ebook)


The Amarna Princesses: Books 1 - 3 (Ebook)


About Me

Kylie writes about women who defy society’s expectations. Her novels are for readers who like fantasy with a basis in history or mythology. Her interests include Dr Who, jellyfish and cocktails. She needs to get fit before the zombies come. You can find her online at

Swan – the epilogue to the Tales of Silver Downs series – is available exclusively to her mailing list subscribers. Sign up at

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

1 I studied Ancient Greek at university because I wanted to read Homer in his own language.

2 I’m fascinated by miniatures and tiny things, and am building my own dollhouse.

3 I studied to be a journalist because I thought that would provide a more reliable income than writing. I hated it because I wasn’t telling my own stories, only repeating what somebody else had already said.

4 If I wasn’t a writer, I would have been a marine biologist except that I get very, very sea sick. I’m also claustrophobic under water so that was never going to work out.

5 I never ever look into a mirror in a dark room.