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Ornament of Pharaoh - Palace of the Ornaments #2 (Ebook)

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As the heart of the alliance between Babylon and Egypt, Kassaya is determined to honour her father’s commands. But a captivating newcomer to the Palace of the Ornaments brings unexpected change to a world she is only just beginning to understand. 

When Pharaoh becomes fascinated with the new Ornament, Kassaya fears her chance to attract his attention might already be gone.

Admist the opulence of her new home, Kassaya must navigate a labyrinth of friendships and rivalries. She is learning that forging the right alliances is not only a game of power, but also a delicate dance of survival.

Set against the grandeur of Egypt’s 20th Dynasty, The Palace of the Ornaments weaves a spellbinding tale of power, passion and peril. For readers of historical fantasy who relish stories of courageous women defying conventions and shaping their own destinies.

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