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Child of the Alliance - Palace of the Ornaments #3 (Ebook)

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Amidst the power and peril of Egypt’s 20th Dynasty, a haunting mystery unfurls. As Kassaya embarks on a quest to unravel the truth of Nebtu’s disappearance, another woman goes missing — and this time, it’s someone very dear to her. 

As Kassaya’s search for answers deepens, a sinister revelation emerges, shattering her illusions of safety. She already knew the Palace’s veneer of luxury masked an intricate tapestry of secrets. Now, for the first time, she’s starting to comprehend just how far those secrets stretch.

Set against the grandeur of Egypt’s 20th Dynasty, The Palace of the Ornaments weaves a spellbinding tale of power, passion and peril. For readers of historical fantasy who relish stories of courageous women defying conventions and shaping their own destinies.

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