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Princess of Babylon - Palace of the Ornaments #1 (Ebook)

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From the author of Queen of Egypt comes a new historical fantasy set in Ancient Egypt.

When a Babylonian princess is sent to marry Pharaoh, she expects to be his queen. But she arrives in Egypt to discover Pharaoh already has hundreds of wives and she’s just the latest.

Sent to the Palace of the Ornaments to live with the rest of the women in Pharaoh’s harem, she has two choices: she can accept her status at the bottom of the harem’s hierarchy or she can fight for the destiny she came to Egypt to claim.

Pharaoh’s harem is a dangerous place for an ambitious woman. Thrown into the politics of a foreign land, she must figure out who she can trust and forge alliances while keeping herself alive long enough to become Pharaoh’s Great Royal Wife and the Queen of Egypt.

Princess of Babylon is an historical fantasy which takes place during the reign of Ramses III in Egypt’s 20th Dynasty. For readers of historical fantasy who enjoy an ancient world setting and women who refuse to be put in their place.

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