Evan's Ladies

by Eva Caye

Four novellas in the To Be Sinclair series!

Prince Evan Sinclair, a brilliant stargate scientist, sees his love life soar to incredible heights and plunge to unbelievable depths. Yet of all the ladies willing to date an Imperial Son, who can he really trust? 

Is true love more than attraction? More than compatibility? More than fascination? More than friendship? From scientist Nicole (The Cremian Dance) to socialite Sara (Good Enough) to sufferer Vivian (Breathe) to stereotype Leah (Treasure Your Words), Evan finds out the hard way, as science, sex, sorrow, solidarity, scandal, sympathy, and sense deprivation characterize these four novellas that chronologically take place between Loyalty and Nobility, books six and seven of the To Be Sinclair series. 

Part I: The Cremian Dance 

Part II: Good Enough 

Part III: Breathe 

Part IV: Treasure Your Words

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$ 2.99

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