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How to University

The book is divided into 3 sections:
Personal Wellbeing
Social Life

I'll be showing you how to turn on your own university GPS system!

Here are just a few things you’ll know after reading this book: 

Here’s what you’ll know after reading this book:

1.     How to save HOURS per day, so you can enjoy your guilty pleasures guilt-free knowing you’ve done your work for the day.

2.     How to be stress/panic/anxiety-free using little known calming techniques and preparation methods.

3.     How to make money (without getting a job) so you don’t have to slave away, wasting your time and energy (you know… the things you need to be happy and successful!)

4.     How to genuinely enjoy studying (even if you hate it!) so you can enjoy the thing you dread, thus eliminating a lot of stress.

5.     Discover the 7 reasons why you procrastinate and most importantly how to address them so you can finally defeat procrastination –allowing you to reach your potential and make yourself and parents proud!

6.     The actionable steps you can take to know exactly what you want to do after uni (if you don’t already know)

7.     How to actually discover your passion (it’s not the advice you’ve heard over and over again)

8.     How to make genuine friends and alleviate the sense of loneliness/homesickness and feel connected again.
Additionally, the book will come with:

1. A 1-year guarantee – if you don’t like it, you’ll get a refund no questions asked.

2. FREE (Secret) bonuses to boost your energy and productivity, which you can keep even if you request a refund.

**You literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain**

Here's what you'll be getting:

A Book on how to achieve first-class grades:

(how to take memorable notes, memorise things quickly and easily, smart ways to research, write top-quality essays, how to prepare for exams so you're prepared, calm and composed etc.) 

A Book on personal wellbeing and Social Life
(how to defeat procrastination for good, how to have unlimited energy levels, how to be stress and anxiety free, how to be super productive etc)

FREE Bonuses included:
  • Spaced repetition software (ANKI) instruction manual, which helps you study less and get better grades
  • Assignment Cheatsheet - so you're always on top of your deadlines and never get any nasty surprises
  • Cramming guide - tips, hacks and tricks for those times you need to do last-minute revision AND ace the exam
  • Money case study - people just like you giving inspiration and showing you what's possible in the realms of making 
  • AND two extra secret bonuses!

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You will get the following files:

  • PDF (13KB)
  • PDF (732KB)
  • PDF (164KB)
  • PDF (763KB)
  • PDF (113KB)
  • PDF (231KB)
  • DOCX (10MB)

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£ 9.99

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