celebrate {detox} 2

by Livegreenhealthy

This ebook is the follow-up Detox Program to my first 10 Day Detox ebook. This program is ideal for those who already eat well, but have recently fallen off the wagon a bit (holidays anyone?) or wants to seriously deep clean their system. 



What's included?

Complete cleanse    
  • 3, 7, & 21 day plans 
    • 100% vegan and gluten free 
    • Over 70 cleansing recipes!
    • Detox tea recipes (much cheaper than buying!)
  • TOP 20 detoxifying foods and their benefits 
  • In-depth explanations of what to eat and what to avoid 
  • Grocery list and example meal plans
  • Meal prepping guidelines 

  • Dealing with
    • exercise
    • hunger
    • cravings
    • serving sizes 
    • meal planning
    • proper food storage
  • post cleanse tips 


{ FAQ } 

1) What's the difference between this ebook and the previous 10 Day Detox?

:: While both programs are effective if you are looking for a detox, there are some differences. 

10 Day Detox

  • suitable for beginners 
  • 10 days long 
  • includes meat in first phase, is 50% vegan
  • over 40 delicious recipes 
  • includes full juice / smoothie cleanse plans
  • natural beauty remedies

21 Day Cleanse

  • suitable for those already eating clean
  • 3, 7, and 21 day long plans 
  • 100% vegan, gluten-free, and sugar-free, mostly soy-free
  • over 70 delicious recipes + 6 must-know basic recipes 


2) If already have the first book, should I buy this one?

:: If you completed the first cleanse then this new book is the perfect follow-up! Your body and mind are already primed and in the ideal condition to start a fresh program. Each of this book's recipes is specially designed to cleanse your body, whereas the 10 Day Detox's recipes are designed to gently ease you into clean eating. 


{DOWNLOAD} : Have trouble downloading or opening the ebook? Email me (jenlivegreenhealthy@gmail.com) and I will sort it out for you asap! 

***This is an ebook, not a physical product. That means anyone all over the world can purchase, and it downloads to your device as a PDF file. Be sure to save it!***

{MEALS} : Are simple and made from easy to find ingredients, and include salads, soups, entrees, breakfast choices, snacks, drinks, etc. This is not a strict meal plan where you must eat preset meals, you have the choice, you are in control. You are eating to nourish and heal your body, reset your taste buds, and be a healthier you. That should be your main goal throughout this detox. 


Cleanse your body from the inside out!

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