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Novel - A Goddess Amongst Us (book 2)

Episode#2: A GODDESS AMONGST US is a pure delight to read and experience. In this exciting new series, episode#1 gave us two young lovers who met, fell in love and conceived a sensitive baby girl. Although main character Michelle a.k.a. "Shorty" stopped speaking at age 6 (selectively), we experienced her heartfelt toddler years vividly before she took her world by surprise. At 19yrs old, Michelle literally jumped into the hearts of millions as a backup dancer for her adopted brother. While dancing on a syndicated talent show, Michelle shocked her world with an unbelievable demonstration that can only be described as godly. The sweet, soft 'natured teen became a household name as she performed many jaw-dropping miracles that still contradict physics and left masses of spectators speechless. Episode #2 adds fashion into the mix as Michelle and her closest friends travel the globe making televised appearances to dance, party and baffle academia manifesting her imagination. In this particular saga, the miraculous facilitates an all-girl school of spirit science's to begin connecting 333 of her beloveds to their own feminine divinity. Government bodies and upper echelons keep a watch her as Michelle reveals human potential to be far beyond the laws that govern modern physics. While she's proven to be an amazing telepathic, her Fijian friend assists her in this experience. Episode #2 will continue to leave you awe-inspired. Shorty's wisdom is already changing readers to their core by expressing what ALL academia continually denies into main-stream curriculum. This novel series will bust your gut with laughter, warm your heart with sentiments, water your eyes with emotion and deliver paradigm-changing esoteric insight like nothing you've ever read. You don't have to be a reader to be swept away in this series. You don't have to be a scholar to enjoy Michelle's hugs, kisses and boy-toying girlfriends. This title has MAJOR MOTION PICTURE potential from its very first chapter. You're invited to love, dance and learn from Michelle. Connect to the deepest parts of yourself and unfold a truth that makes you a god. This is your new favorite on-going book series.



Episode #2 is loaded with fashion, fanfare, friendships,  flirting, boy-toying, cup'caking, cuddles, kisses and esoteric insight. 

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