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Festive & Seduced

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Santa Claus is coming to town…

Feline mates and best friends shouldn’t hold secrets close to their chests, yet Camryn O’Sullivan is convinced something is going on with her shapeshifter man, Ry Coppersmith. Their lovemaking has dwindled to almost nonexistent and she’s tried everything from sexy lingerie to bluntness but nothing breaks the sexual drought.

Life on the planet of Viros is everything Ry has ever wanted. He has a beautiful mate, two cute children, and many close friends, yet all is not well in his world. Problems—nagging personal concerns—abound. This time last year, he and his crew visited Camryn’s home planet of Earth and celebrated Christmas. They have their memories, yet they aren’t the same, and he knows Camryn misses her twin brother. A Christmas-tinged diversion might help while he struggles to subdue the complications messing with his head and his relationship with Camryn.
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