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How to Ask Questions in English

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Do you find it difficult knowing how to ask questions in English? This 60-page PDF workbook will teach you how to ask and answer questions in nine easy chapters.

You will find grammar explanations, 15 exercises and answers, plus lots of useful questions which you can use in conversation.

What you will learn in this book:

  • useful questions for everyday conversation
  • how to make questions with the verb "to be"
  • how to make present and past simple questions
  • the difference between subject and object questions
  • how to make questions in the other verb tenses
  • how to use questions tags
  • how to use embedded questions and how to ask politely
  • correct pronunciation for questions
  • how to ask negative questions
  • how to answer questions

This book is designed to be used by English learners but English teachers (particularly non-native teachers) might also find it a useful resource.
You will get a PDF (264KB) file

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