Mandolin Essentials Package

by Bradley Laird

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Mandolin Essentials Lesson Package

This discounted package has everything you need to get off to a good start playing your mandolin. The following eBooks, Tracks and Video lessons by Bradley Laird are included:

• Beginning Mandolin Instruction Course - 43 page PDF eBook with 36 MP3 audio tracks.  Teaches tuning, chords, reading tab, rhythm and basic lead playing techniques.

• Jam Session Survival - "Cheat sheets" with the chord progressions for the 100 most popular bluegrass jam session tunes. Armed with a few chords and this book you can jump into almost any jam.

• Mandolin Handbook - This is the owner's manual for the mandolin which they never gave you! Learn how to set it up for easy playing and a lot more!

• FREE Bonus Video Lessons - 3 Quicktime video lessons are included in the package to help you with chords, rhythm, picking technique and setup. (25 min. total time)

Save 20%: You get everything listed for only $20. If you purchase them individually you'd pay $25. Get started today for less than the price of one private lesson in a music store.

3 eBooks, 36 Tracks, 3 Videos in one downloadable .zip file designed just for beginners!

You will get a ZIP (193MB) file.

$ 20.00

$ 20.00

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