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Memoirs of Johann Hausberg

By Rafał Komar

'Memoirs of Johann Hausberg' is a fanfiction story set in the dark, grim and bloody universe of Warhammer. Being myself a huge fan of the Warhammer rpg, I decided to give it a try and write a story based on one, major campaign I wrote for my players over a year ago. 'Memoirs of Johann Hausberg' tells the plot of the rpg campaign from the perspective of one of the non-player characters - Johann Hausberg. The protagonist joins the Imperial Army to atone his sins and escape deamons from the past. His fate will be forever bound with Gustav Andermann, a devoted soldier whose only goal is to climb the army ladder, Felix Varden, a skilled swordsman chased by assassins and a mysterious, cold-hearted wizard with her own, secret agenda.

The End Times are drawing near and the weak, flickering flame of humanity will soon be perished by the enfolding clutches of darkness. Decadence, hatred and sin have taken control over the greatest human nation of the world, and the only bulwark against the impending doom of Chaos. This is the time when the Empire needs heroes like never before, not heroes from legends nor gods, for they have abandoned these lands long ago, but everyday heroes and people of the good will.

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