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Hearts Spin and Cover Printable - Active Littles

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Hearts Spin and Cover Printable - Active Littles

This activity is the cutest!

Use a paperclip and the tip of a pencil to spin the paperclip
on the spinners provided.

There are 3 spinners in total. 2 are colored 1 is non colored.
Once it lands on a colored heart, use the, “What color did it spin on?”
sheets to cover the colors with a pom pom, candy heart..

The b&wspinner and sheet can be used to color in and are more
tailored for the colors you are interested in using! J

For a more advanced approach, use two spinners with written numbers
to add/subtract.

Draw shapes or write  sight words within the b&wspinner to cover and find
the correct sight words you’ve written down on the b&wsheet.

**For a list of some of the supplies we use:


What other fun ways can you think of using these?

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You will get a PDF (4MB) file

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