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Break the Box of Karate

...and 25 Other Riffs, Rants and Random Ideas about Karate

Straight from the world's most awesomest Karate blog in the universe, comes yet another long-awaited book from best-selling Karate author Jesse Enkamp; featuring some of the most popular hand-picked articles of on the art, science, knowledge and culture of Karate online.

"Hopefully, this book will not only make you learn a little and laugh a little, but furthermore think... a lot." - Jesse


Boost Your Karate Talent the Spartan Way
Deconstructing an Okinawan Karate Master
The Makiwara: Thoughs Ideas and Quotes
Sensei Hick's Golden Law of Karate
The Meaning of Onegaishimasu
"Use The Force": Exploring the Secret of Ki Power
Karate & the Application of Knowledge
The Karate River: Coping with Change
Karate & the 80/20 Principle
Keizoku Wa Chikara Nari
Choosing the Right Path Towards the "Ultimate Aim" of Karate
Exploring the Karate Mentality: Respect It or Check It
Why I Compete in Kata
Time to Break Out of the Box? Old vs. New
What Driving School Taught Me about Karate
Black Belt Kids - Get Off Their Backs
Karate Analytics: Test, Think, Triumph!
The 4 Principles of Quan-fa: Float, Sink, Swallow, Spit
Speaking, Writing, Bunkai, Kata: Let's Take It from the Beginning
Karate Ni Sente Nashi - á la Motobu Choki
Karate & Weights - The Eternal Battle
Ko Un Ryu Sui
8 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Wear Gloves in Karate
Karate-ka! Do You Need a Reality Check?
When Am I Too Old to Start Learning Karate?
You Know You're Doing Too Much Karate If...

Total # of pages: 283

WARNING! Strictly recommended for Karate Nerds™ only!

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