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The Flapper Caper, Audio

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In the latest addition to the Citrus Beach Cozy Mysteries series, Megan, Aiden, and Barney are back and better than ever as they tackle a new murder mystery. As they work to solve the case, they are joined by a cast of zany characters, including a quirky writer and a new detective. With Megan juggling her hands full with one suspect and Aiden trying to keep the new detective on the right path, it's up to Barney and his trusty sidekick Gypsy, along with a pair of feathered watchmen, to save the day. Can they uncover the old reason for murder and bring the perpetrator to justice, or will the case remain forever unsolved? Find out in this exciting installment of the series

PLEASE NOTE: This audiobook was created with an AI (artificial intelligence) voice. Sample available before purchase. Thank you!

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