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UNIGAINS Strength + Size Program

*The UNIGAINS Program is FREE. However, donations for the hard work and to keep InvincibleMentality running would be greatly appreciated!*



You have probably seen the price and thought "Why on earth should I pay money for a program off a guy who has no credibility or reputation? Why don't I just get Arnold's or Jim Stopani's free program off"


Well, I have 3 reasons why... but first, let me ask you this question - did those programs actually work? Let me guess, they didn't did they?


Do you want to know why? Because they are generic, untailored programs which have no incentive to inspire you to get in the gym and progress.


Now I'm going to be 100% honest with you; you don't need to buy a program to make progress - I have never bought a single workout program and still managed to deadlift 220kg. However, I was heavily inefficient. I kept on bouncing from generic workout to generic workout thinking that one of them would eventually give me the perfect solution, resulting in me not gaining a single kg of muscle over a whole year - that was incredibly depressing.


Sure, these generic programs will help you build muscle if applied consistently, but in most cases your motivation will die out before you see any progression - from my years of training I have found that a training routine is not just about sets and reps, but about giving you an incentive to want to progress each day.


Some results-based generic programs are a little better, like stronglifts 5x5; they provide a good incentive to progress each week as when you manage 5 sets x 5 reps you move up in weight. However, the issue here is that they eventually lead to you getting a terrible mental plateau. Simply put, it is boring as f*** hitting the same weight again and again, and mentally it is extremely tough trying to constantly outperform each and every workout.


We also then have exercise programs which are the fake-personalised ones, where they tell you set percentages or weights to do and increase them each week like they magically know the rate that you are capable of increasing your lifts at regardless of any individual factors - I mean it's not like humans are different or anything...


Now that's out of the way, let me tell you why my program UNIGAINS is worth the money.


1) UNIGAINS is based off the 3 core lift (bench press, squat, and deadlift), as they have been proven to be the essential movements to build strength and size.

What makes UNIGAINS stand out is that the weights that you lift each workout for these core movements are already calculated for you. 

Now, what really distinguishes it from others is that every 8 workouts the weights get re-calibrate on your past performance, resulting in the progression of weight being at your individual pace, and not by some random ballpark percentage or figure. 


2) Earlier I mentioned how a mental plateau can ruin your motivation and progress. This is why I structured UNIGAINS to vary the weights for the core movements every workout. Sometimes they increase, sometimes they decrease - this is key to keeping your mind distracted and occupied, allowing your body to do the talking.


3) UNIGAINS uses AMRAP sets, where you perform to your ability on the day. Again, this is key to keeping your mind and body refreshed by varying up the rep ranges and allowing to push as far as your body will on the day - some days you feel amazing and will end up performing optimally, whilst on other days you may wake up on the wrong side of the bed and have and awful session. AMRAP sets are adjusted to how you feel on the day, unlike other programs which will tell you to hit x amount of sets of x amount of reps x weight, regardless of how your body is feeling.


In addition to the core movements, each day there will be some accessory movements to perform which are more hypertrophy based to ensure that you get a little pump and maximize your aesthetics - this program will get you strong, and give you the looks to show for it.


I am so confident that you will like my program and get results that I'm offering you a 30-day money back guarantee - send me an email at if you're not feeling it and your reasons why and I will hand back your money. 


Stop messing around and start getting the body and life that you want.




 *Disclaimer: I am not a fitness or medical professional. All content included is made from my own opinion and experiences, and should be followed at your own discretion and caution. Seek advice from a medical professional prior to following any of my advice.*


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