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Natural Forces Trilogy

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Ebook  of Natural Forces Trilogy. All three books in Jean Gill's award-winning Natural Forces Trilogy. Included in this collection are Queen of the Warrior Bees, Arrows Tipped with Honey, and The World Beyond the Walls. IPPY Award winner, Royal Dragonfly Award winner, finalist in the Kindle Book Awards and the Wishing Shelf Awards.
Bee-shifter, bear-shifter, Forest spy and woman-lover; what's second nature to four unlikely friends is a death sentence in the Citadel.
Take a wild flight with Mielitta into the forbidden Forest in this highly original epic eco-fantasy series. As she grows from despised servant to Queen of the Warrior Bees, Mielitta discovers that evil can wear a friend’s face and an unlikely alliance is her best chance of healing the rift between sterile Citadel and vibrant Forest.
The mysterious world beyond the walls offers the answer to her identity but she knows her friends could pay a terrible price for crossing the boundary. Her natural forces tested beyond human endurance, Mielitta’s bond with her bees is all that offers hope for the future. Is it enough? Can she live up to her destiny? And should she?
Block Nature out and she’ll force a way in.
‘Jean Gill's Natural Forces series offer a rich, strange, and alluring adventure that buzzes with intrigue and nature.’ The Booklife Prize
‘Fabulous world-building and spellbinding intrigue,’ Karen Inglis
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