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I'm an award-winning Welsh writer and photographer living in the south of France with two scruffy dogs, a beehive named Endeavour, a Nikon D750 and a man. First published in 1988, I was a teacher as well as a writer and my claim to fame is that I was the first woman to become a secondary school Headteacher in Wales. Life was hectic as I'm also mother or stepmother to five children.

I write in many genres from historical fiction and fantasy to dog stories and even a cookbook. Join my special readers' group at to get my private news and exclusive offers. You can buy my ebooks and audiobooks at all the major online retailers or buy in this store to support me directly!

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Bladesong: 1151 in the Holy Land


Plaint for Provence: 1152 in Les Baux


Song Hereafter: 1153 in Hispania and the Isles of Albion


The Troubadours Quartet Boxset


Song at Dawn: 1150 in Provence


Song Hereafter Audiobook


The Ring Breaker


Plaint for Provence Audiobook: 1152 Les Baux


Bladesong Audiobook: 1151 in the Holy Land


The Wheel of Time


Song at Dawn Audiobook


Natural Forces Trilogy Audiobook


Natural Forces Trilogy


How White is My Valley


The World Beyond the Walls Audiobook