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Lumai LLWC - Sensual Lingerie HomeOffice with high heels and bed scenes - indoor scenes

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Lumai LLWC - Sexy lingerie with high heels - indoor scenes

With the plaster fresh and on the balcony Lumai begins to clean all his toes and realizes that his beautiful foot has become very charming with the plaster and begins to caress it.

Go to the living room and don't hesitate to put on high heels again and remember that you have a lot of online work to do.

She checks her emails and works, answers her clients and starts thinking about her lingerie underneath and how sexy she is feeling.

He goes to his bed, starts to undress and is only in lingerie and separates a beautiful sandal with a 15cm high heel.

He makes a lot of caresses with his feet in his huge cast, from top to bottom he starts to sensualize doing foot podolatry scenes. He takes his beautiful peepto and puts it on the bed and once again sensualizes at all times with his feet now wearing a beautiful high heels.

Now Lumai wants to parade in high heels around the apartment. She prepares her crutches, adjusts the height and starts walking with the crutches around the apartment and shows a beautiful ease and balance and walks very sensually.

She goes to the couch, sits and starts feeling a pleasure under the whole scene she made and starts to touch herself and feel a beautiful pleasure for the plaster.

It's 35 minutes with scenes from

- fresh plaster

- cleaning your toes

- doing home office

- undressing

- lingerie scene and sensualizing

- putting on high heels

- high heels in bed scenes

- Close ups

- walking with high heels and crutches

- feeling pleasure on the couch.

You will get a MP4 (2GB) file
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