You're So Sexy When You Aren't Transmitting STDs

by Isabella Rotman

You're So Sexy When You Aren't Transmitting STD's is a comprehensive comic book guide to sexual health. The book uses humor and the comic book format and Safe Sex Super hero "Captian Buzzkill" to reach out to adults and young adults about their sexual health, especially members of the LGBTQ community who may have difficulty finding sexual health resources. This book was made in collaboration with the Health Center at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and 75% of all e-book sales will be donated to, offered real world sexual health online for teens and 20s.


The book covers the following topics:

An introduction to Sexual Health
Lets Talk About It (how to talk about sex and the importance of consent)
Get Tested
Other People's Bodily Fluids (how to protect yourself for STDs)
Some of Us Need Contraception (how to avoid pregnancy)
Check Yourself Out (a guide to testicular exams and breast exams)
Here are Some STDs (Brief information on common STDS)
Mystery in your underpants (Brief Information on some genital infections)

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