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Self Hypnosis Tame Your Inner Dragons: clinical and psychic use of trance - audiobook

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Narrated by Noel Eastwood

Time: 5 1/2 hours

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Psychotherapist, Noel Eastwood, takes you on an inner journey of self-discovery and healing. He draws upon numerous case studies to demonstrate how ordinary people can overcome limiting beliefs and traumatic experiences using self-hypnosis. The author illustrates how to use exercises from NLP, Inner Child, Gestalt therapy, Arnold Mindell's process therapy, Jungian psychotherapy and traditional Taoist meditation techniques.

Journey into your deep unconscious using simple self-hypnosis techniques to uncover the dragons feeding on your sadness, loneliness, anxiety, anger, and fear. Learn how to tame your dragons and release yourself from limiting beliefs.

Embedded in this book are a multitude of simple tools and techniques of self-hypnosis that can change your life, develop undiscovered talents and allow you to live fearlessly. The author's message is that we are empowered by choice and never limited by fate.

The book is loaded with a wealth of true stories from elite athletes, age regression, past lives, children's problems, imagery and remote viewing, working with archetypes, stress reduction and many spiritual and psychic growth exercises. Combining 30 years of experience with self-hypnosis, psychodynamic psychotherapy, guided imagery, and meditation - this book is fast becoming a classic in the field of mind control and spiritual growth.

It includes chapters for elite sports, martial arts, guided imagery for your child's nightmares, anxiety and weight loss scripts, how to heal your inner child of trauma, astral travel and how to develop your kundalini - to name just a few.

Dragons and our collective psyche
Introduction to psychotherapy and self hypnosis
The Inner dragon - my journey begins
Inner dragons - your journey to self
What is hypnosis and hypnotherapy
Tame your mind
Techniques, scripts and audio’s
Inner space - healing
Weight loss, smoking and relationships
Age regression
Sports hypnosis - mental rehearsals
Memory, study, creativity and dreaming
Psychic techniques
Past life therapy
Spiritualism, clairvoyance and automatic writing
EEG Biofeedback - Neurofeedback
Appendix 1 - Exploring the myths of hypnosis and clinical hypnotherapy
Appendix 2 - Common Psychological Defenses
Appendix 3 - About Noel Eastwood and Pluto's Cave

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"An incredible book, utterly riveting, absolutely magical!” SP

"A pleasure to listen too. So much value, I will listen again and again. I wish all your books were available on audible. I will purchase and read them anyway, totally worth reading everything, and everything you write, grateful for you sharing your gifts in an understandable manner." M

"I really liked this book and thought it was a good read. If you are someone that meditates I'm sure you will also find it interesting. It's not that long and not very expensive so for me it's like, why not? I'm a big fan of self hypnosis as I used it to achieve a beautiful birth several years ago. Since then I have been kind of doing my own thing meditating but this book really helped me expand my mental exercises. It essentially gives a ton of different ways to explore your own psyche. I find it to be a very helpful guide to self hypnosis. The chapter on scary dreams tremendously helped me navigate this problem with my 5 year old daughter. Now each night before bed she gets so excited to go to her personal Fanstasyland, where we often deal with the things that are troubling her in a safe and self-empowered way. For this reason alone it was worth it to me.Also I'm a lifelong student of astrology and I loved his combination of these two worlds, astrological archetypes and deep meditation. Good stuff." AT

"This a fun book to read. Noel's writing style is informative and flows nicely. I have the Kindle version. Buy it you'll like it!!" MK

"Digs deep into the issues of life, be it struggles or challenges. noel not only explains the roots of inner dragons, but also describes how to identify them. Living with Dragons is an insightful and practical look at the negative thoughts and emotions that can impede our lives on a daily basis. This book will not only help you shed light on things you may have tried to hide, but it will also guide you towards practical steps to slay your Dragons. No matter what negativity fills your inner World, Living with Dragons will help you move towards it, face it head on, and squash it." C

"This work is a vital and necessary tool for anyone wishing to understand and confront their 'inner demons'...or 'dragons' as Noel so aptly names them. His prodigious experience as a clinical psychologist is clearly apparent here, yet it is not couched in confusing medical terminology but instead with mythologies we all know, and instructions on 'how to' that are so very easy to read and to understand. In fact he makes it hard not to want to attempt this journey inward, and to meet those inner dragons that we all have somewhere within. Herein he gives invaluable directions on ways in which to make this inward journey via trance and self-hypnosis methods, both safely and productively. The examples he gives are not only fascinating but intensely engaging in every way. This work is inspiring, exciting and riveting, and I strongly recommend it." S

"A pleasure to listen to. So much value, I will listen again and again. I wish all your books were available on audible. I will purchase and read them, totally worth reading everything you write, grateful for you sharing your gifts in an understandable manner." M

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