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Thaynara Long Leg Cast - breaking a leg in a domestic accident

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Thaynara Long Leg Cast - breaking a leg in a domestic accident

Thaynara is a beautiful Brazilian who has incredibly beautiful feet.

She loves to show them off and likes to go out to happy parties.

In preparations to go out with her friend she goes to get her shoes from the top of the closet.

She doesn't reach, so she grabs a chair and puts it to help at her height.

She takes the shoes and when she goes down with her high heels she turns her foot very ugly and feels a strong crack and her leg goes soft.

She screams in pain, jumps up to her bed.

Calls her friend for help and her friend says she's going to send the help of a doctor.

When the doctor arrives, he finds the fracture and the treatment will be immobilization with a plaster cast from the foot to the groin.

The entire procedure is filmed and photographed.

It's on the porch waiting for the plaster to dry.

And after drying she goes to the sofa to rest a little where she will start to take her first steps with crutches inside her apartment.

It's 30 minutes with scenes including:

- podolatry and exhibitionism

- foot rings

- accident with a lot of pain

- medical scenes

- plastering the leg

- cleaning your fingers from plaster

- jumping in the apartment

- using your crutches

You will get a MP4 (2GB) file
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