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First Time Mom

The Adventure of a Lifetime

Welcome to the adventure of a lifetime!

If you’re like most first-time moms, you’re probably a little stunned to find out you’re going to be a parent. You may be pregnant, soon to birth a child, or have recently birthed a child. You may be in the process of choosing a child through domestic or international adoption. Or you may recently have brought that child home. You may be married or single. But no matter how you’ve become a parent, as a first-time mom you have lots of questions, not to mention these biggies:

•How can I be the best mom for this child?
•Will this child be like me in any way? In personality,
talents, or looks?
•Should I get her on a regular sleeping and eating
schedule, or go with the flow?
•How do I know if he’s getting what he needs to grow
up healthy?
•What are some good ways to make sure I bond with
this child—for a lifetime?
•How can I stop my child from crying so much? Am I
doing something wrong?
•Will she go through those “terrible twos” of
toddlerhood? I’m already starting to sweat.
•How should I handle discipline? Is spanking okay?
At what age do kids understand discipline?
•Should we have just one child—or more?
And this is just the start of your questions. You could probably fill in a whole other page of your own additional ones. It’s no wonder! Becoming a mom is a huge life transition,—one of constant surprises, joy, anxiety, sacrifices, and also tremendous rewards.

One of the reasons I’ve chosen to write this book is to help first-time mothers like you see that this thing called being a mom is actually a little easier than you might think.

As you read along, you will surely become that better mom to your kids.

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