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Australian Dance Tunes - Arrange for Fiddle (e-book)

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The 34 tunes in this booklet were collected over a fifty year period from traditional musicians in New South
Wales, Victoria and South Australia. The collectors include John Meredith, Peter Ellis, Chris Sullivan,
Mark Rummery, Rob Willis, Brad Tate, Alan Musgrove, Mike Martin and the Folk Song and Dance Society of Victoria.

Arranged for fiddle by Allan Musgrove, designed and prepared by David De Santi.

The tunes:

  • Schottische: Harry Axford’s - Harvest Moon - The Queer Fella’s
  • Waltz: Jack’s Waltz - Sad the Cuckoo is Calling - Peek-a-boo Waltz
  • Jigs: Across the Sea to Erin - The Walk Around - McGinty Lives Over the Way - The Wedding of Lochan McGraw - Trentham Jig - Spirits of Whiskey
  • Galopede: Original - The Drover - Stan Treacy’s First Set Tune
  • Polka: Stan Treacy’s First Polka - He Played His Ukulele as the Ship Went Down - The Jackarse Eat it on the Way
  • Three Hop Polka: Melbourne Polka - Conjewai Polka - Fair Go Polka
  • Varosvienna Joe Cashmere’s - Freemantle Station - La Va
  • Reel: Soldier’s Joy - The Old Schoolmaster - Colin Charlton’s - Coming Down the Mountain - The Wind That Shook the Barley - The Boyne Hunt
  • Hornpipe: Off to California - Bob in the Wash House - Boomerang Hornpipe
  • Quickstep: Hilarity
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