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Best Shark Navigator Lift Away - Review and buying guide

Having a pet in the home has multiple benefits. They keep us company, they show us unconditional love and loyalty no matter what. However, these hairy friends of ours have their problems. One of which is uncontrollable shedding when the season comes, some even all year round. 

To solve such issues, besides taking your pet to the vet if they shed too much, you can use vacuum cleaners. Modern vacuum cleaners don’t just clean surfaces, they also purify the air. Among others, vacuum cleaners by Shark are those most trusted by users worldwide because of their ability to clean up pet hair. This post shall recommend the best Shark vacuums for pet hair. 

The danger of pet hair 

Did you know that inhaling pet dander can undermine the health of those with underlying respiratory and lung issues? That is not to mention the annoying feeling of randomly finding a strand of hair in your mouth. Having pet dander scattered all over the floor, furniture, on our clothes and in the air is a risky thing to do with households with toddlers and small children. 

Shark Navigator ZU561

While this machine is not the only one that can pick up pet hair, it has the best processing system of all. It de-tangles hair strands, solving the age-old problem of entangled pet hair. If you own a pet, you already know that when trying to get rid of hair, the hair will inevitably wrap around whatever the tool that we were using to clean it with. Especially with long-hair species of cats and dogs, this issue becomes more real and serious than ever. 

The ZU561, however, is equipped with a modern Zero-M self-cleaning brush that champions this issue. When the machine first pulls in hair, this hair immediately gets separated from the brush by its little bristles. The hair is then discarded to the inlet, where a comb would detangle them from the bristles. The final result is a furball, which is collected by and safely stored in the main motor until tossed in the trash bin. 

Easy, right? 

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E S2

This machine is not only great for its suction power but also its excellent performance on pet hair. The machine picks hair up effortlessly, although it cannot escape the classic hair-wrap issue. According to user reviews, you might want to stop occasionally to pick out hair from the brush to prevent them from building up. 

Shark Navigator Lift-Away UV650 

The UV650 is said to be able to remove pet hair on any surface. You might imagine how hair can cling more stubbornly on soft couches, thich cushions and delicate curtains. With the UV650, its upholstery tool has a wide cleaning path, allowing it to suck away the little danders with ease. The machine also has a hair-removal tool that has a stiff brush to remove pet hair from rough surfaces.

Above are three of the best Shark vacuums for pet hair. If you’re curious to know more, check out this article here:

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