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FIRST GONG Vol. 6: THE PURGE An Anthology of poems read at Loudthotz Poetry Open Reading Season VI Compiled and edited by Chisom Ohuaka| Philip “Dr. Feel” Chukwu| Dr. Ode Andrew Eyeoyibo

In the view of the compilers of this anthology, poetry is a loud thought expressed in myriads of ways with due regard to issues of poetic licence.

It is that which has informed the writings of all the poets in this edition of the anthology which has been dubbed, ‘the purge’.


 Is it the case that the poets represented here are purging themselves of thoughts, feelings, emotions and reflections that have almost fomented a certain mental and intellectual constipation or is it just symptomatic of a strident desire to give expression to the very loud thoughts in their various and varied heads? The jury is out on that question.


Many of the poets in this anthology are writing poems that tell a story or tell stories. Some of the stories are pretty straight forward without being simplistic, while others are sufficiently complex without being necessarily complicated and unduly abstruse.


Some of the poets, a few, on the other hand want to work out the chemical equation of language. This is not poetry essentially of meaning but of the very nature and beauty of words themselves.


Others have written poems that are simply exercises in self-indulgence without any desire to make anything happen and yet without posturing.


Here are poems that stand as poems and not just an arrangement of meaningful words. Poems loaded with epigrams which in some cases ought to be proverbs and aphorisms. These are Poems which may be classed under didactic wisdom literature.


Some are probably brilliantly contrived essays masquerading as poems. It is hard to distinguish sometimes, what with free verse, blank verse and prose poetry.


Music as poetry or poetic words set to music.


This in the main is poetry that makes something happen; fomenting revolution; shifting consciousness; educating the populace; keeping faith and hope alive.


These are rhyming poems; rhythmic poetry; a certain type of performance poetry; poetry that is easy on the ears- flowing, evocative, alive, visceral and in your face.

The poems are not of even quality, but all of them are worth reading, valuing and appreciating!


In the words of the American Poet, Billy Collins, a love of language and a sense of gratitude will be two ingredients in the recipe for making a poet.


These Poets have these two ingredients in spades.




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