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the path of the heart...

your heart, your way, your life

you came for a reason

with an intention

we dig it up, the connection is the causation.

in the game of life, if you don't use your power someone else will.

in an energy reality, the highest currency is always you,

your life force (prana), your time and health the true wealth.

so what really matters?

a lifetime of awareness is contained within you.

all you need to thrive is in you at the beginning.

innate reconnects you to it all, your true nature.

to innate change, vision and solutions for the times, fully realigned in your authority.

the path of the heart...

fearlessly being you

the essence and the intention of your soul (your real power) are given at the beginning.

the dis-connect happens through:

  • .the conditioned mind
  • the wounded heart
  • the out of balance body

dare to reconnect with innate and set yourself free!

to live life as intended: fearlessly, being uncompromisingly your unique self.


champion who you were born to be.

your wellbeing is in your purpose, the intention to your birth.

through your numbers:

  • make sense of your story
  • heal & release the past
  • know what you want
  • re-align in your authority.
  • transform your life

in balance, truth, love & abundance.

a life that resonates to the essence of who you are.

the path of the heart...


know yourself to be your greatest version.

through a blend of numerology, human design & breath work.

ready to master your life with inner knowing, discernment & resilience.

Wednesday - Thursday - Saturday

10.30am EST (UTC-5)

120min. in person/ on zoom

prior to your session, a same amount of time is spent going over your numerology & human design infos.



What people are saying

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Mangaljot, you resuscitated the amazing parts within me I thought I’d lost forever. I’m so grateful & in continual awe of your infinite wisdom, inner beauty & drive.

— Henry

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Your approach and numerology wisdom was so accurate, blessings to that… Your passion awakened the drive to act, and that’s exactly what I needed to unblock, refuel and be ready to act.

— Eva

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You have empowered me to chose me, to live fearlessly & to continue to spread my love. You have reignited the fire in me to live as I want to live – free of guilt, fear & the judgement of others, to believe in and trust myself. 

— Leosha

brief intro, ask me anything when we meet

born a woman, a mix, black-white, African-french, Abomey Benin - Razac France.

in the game for over half a century, beginning in Paris. started to play on my own at 18, pushed into a new simulation sent to London. survival game, adapted, learned, experienced and studied there 18 years.

next level up, for more sunshine, freedom, love and abundance. next simulation the move to Jamaica in 2008. since more reality learning, understanding, witnessing, healing and thriving.

born autotelic, lovingly and peacefully learning to master myself and the game.

if you're interested, in how to play INNATE and up your game, get in touch.

we drop fear, lack, virus & parasites. we go for mastery of self: resilience, love, balance, abundance, and good health... that's how we checkmate.

Author of NOT FOR SALE, CAN'T BE BOUGHT | Founder of Oneness Wellness Farm (Jamaica) | Creator of The Heart Reset™& Get Your Real Power Back™ both available online.

Create the freest and best life you can imagine for yourself, and that regardless of what is going on in the outside world, the government or other psychopaths who think they are running the show... there are not, never were, just conditioned you to believe them and not believe in yourself. 

INNATE puts an end to that, showing you it is an inside job, and how your intention, your heart & your energy create the path.

Health, strength & love for self