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because what we understand, we can change...

A collection of free audio downloads for your health & wellness... physical, mental, emotional & spiritual, all is addressed.

INNATE™ | 1 : 1

The Heart Reset™ | Innate 1

Get Your Real Power Back™ | Innate 2

Personally Tailored Wellness™ | 1 : 1

The Innate Playbook


Establishing Your Tune-In Routine


Decide What You Choose To Feel


Reconnecting Heart, Mind & Body


Reclaiming Our Hearts


Making It Real | Dreams & Intentions


Want More Freedom?


To Survive & Thrive


Reclaim Yourself | 3 Direct Steps


Say No To Regrets


Operating From The Heart


brief intro, ask me anything when we meet

born a woman, a mix, black-white, African-french, Abomey Benin - Razac France.

in the game for over half a century, beginning in Paris. started to play on my own at 18, pushed into a new simulation sent to London. survival game, adapted, learned, experienced and studied there 18 years.

next level up, for more sunshine, freedom, love and abundance. next simulation the move to Jamaica in 2008. since more reality learning, understanding, witnessing, healing and thriving.

born autotelic, lovingly and peacefully learning to master myself and the game.

if you're interested, in how to play INNATE and up your game, get in touch.

we drop fear, lack, virus & parasites. we go for mastery of self: resilience, love, balance, abundance, and good health... that's how we checkmate.

Author of NOT FOR SALE, CAN'T BE BOUGHT | Founder of Oneness Wellness Farm (Jamaica) | Creator of The Heart Reset™& Get Your Real Power Back™ both available online.

Create the freest and best life you can imagine for yourself, and that regardless of what is going on in the outside world, the government or other psychopaths who think they are running the show... there are not, never were, just conditioned you to believe them and not believe in yourself. 

INNATE puts an end to that, showing you it is an inside job, and how your intention, your heart & your energy create the path.

Health, strength & love for self

Celine aka Mangaljot or Mango Joy