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Only what we understand, we can change...

A collection of free audio downloads for your health & wellness... physical, mental, emotional & spiritual, all is addressed.

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Toxic Stress | 21st Century Blues


The Magic Of Placebo | Blueprints of Mind Control


Toxic Stress | The Unseen Causes


To Know For Your Health


Toxic Stress | The Real Cure


Bodypower | Secret Of Self-Healing


Twelve Essential Medical Secrets | Laws 1 & 2


Twelve Essential Medical Secrets | Laws 3 & 4


Twelve Essential Medical Secrets | Law 9


Should You Trust Your Doctor?


The Myth Of Germ Theory


The Deception Of Virology


Twelve Essential Medical Secrets | Laws 10 & 11


The Myth Of Contagious Disease


Establishing Your Tune-In Routine


About Me

From Paris to London, I was sent away at seventeen years old, with nothing but a broken heart... no skills, no diploma, no money and low self-worth.

Finding myself on my own suddenly, I learned quickly that self-reflection is key to survive and to thrive in this world. 

This earth school of life taught me all I know, and everything and everyone keep on being my teachers. 

In life, awareness is key… clarity is power & self-knowledge the most valuable knowledge we can get.

So yes I help you understand what’s unique about you, how to trust and believe in yourself … I’m rooting for you and I’ll be sharing with you all that has helped me… heal…get clear… to create the happy in you…back to the heart…the truth of you…releasing whatever may have been blocking or disrupting your innate flow…

Author of NOT FOR SALE, CAN'T BE BOUGHT | Founder of Oneness Wellness Farm (Jamaica) | Creator of The Deprograming Program: INNATE INTELLIGENCE™ (I.I), starting Sept. 22, 2022.

Due to my position regarding the current situation, Oneness Wellness Farm aka The Place To Reset stands on hold until 2023. 

Although, previously reluctant to share content online, (preferring real live face to face contact), it is time to move with the times.

Caring is sharing, and I have lots to share... on pretty much everything related to life, being humans, our nature, our inner workings and processes.

All to do with our lives' journey, health & happiness, as well as what goes on in our world.

However, self-healing, self-initiation, self-resiliency, self-love, self-knowledge... to heal and to empower are favourites.

For a real and powerful realignment... for a return to wholeness... for the embodiment of your powerful uniqueness.

So to create the freest and best life that you can imagine for yourself, and that regardless of what is going on with the outside world, the government or other psychopaths who think they are running the show... there are not, never were, just conditioned you to believe them and not believe in yourself. 

Reality is: It is always an inside job. And your energy creates the path.

NOT FOR SALE ~ CAN'T BE BOUGHT, Every Woman's Triumph Story (and men's too), my first book was written just for that... to show you how you do it, even if starting with nothing or so you think, you have YOU which is everything. 

You are the answer and the solution to your life, always always always! 

Who else could possibly be? 

All my content and communications, written and spoken, have one intention, to help you understand how powerful you are, and that in fact you can create whatever you decide.

Oneness Wellness Farm, on a beautiful hilltop in sunny Jamaica is a clear expression of that... turning a dream into a reality...

She believed she could so she did! 

And all I want is for as many hearts as possible in every parts of the world to understand that.

Because the moment you do, it changes everything, not just your life but the lives of all the people you know too, and this is to me how we change the world together. 

Plus when you live from your inner truth, you have no fear and you cannot be controlled.

Our experience is real and the only real truth we have.

Your experience is your truth and all you can really share in an authentic way.

Feel Strong, Well & Stay Free!

Celine Anihouvy Dossou aka Mangaljot or Mango Joy