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Establishing Your Tune-In Routine

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To tune-in is to choose you... to decide to be for you.  

To stand for you and to prioritise you.

Ideally, first thing in the morning to set you up for the rest of day... tune-in before you start checking out, and looking at your phone, emails ect...

You start with you, your tune-in time is your non-negotiable personal time.

This audio is about establising your own tune-in routine with no intermediary, no teacher and no props, inviting you to feel more, to self-direct and to self-initiate.

This is how you fully reclaim yourself, heart, body and mind.

And a sure and effective way to ensure you will not become prey to mind control which comes in so many different shapes and forms.

Instead cultivating your discernement and growing a deep connection to your inner truth becoming very self-reliant.

Trusting that your inner feeling will guide you and protect you.

Trust what you feel.  Your body talks and your heart knows.  Feel them and trust them above all else.
You will get a AIFC (591MB) file

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